new painting of a lovely lady

a sketch I did at SPX

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current painting and its progression. 

Detail of a work in progress

Detail of a recent painting

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Sorry, tumblr. I haven’t forgotten about you.

Here are a few sketches using this really nice brush pen that I got last year as a gift. I had forgotten how much I enjoy varying my line weight!

Also, when the ink starts to run out you can do more of a dry brush technique that is great for hair.

What I’ve been doing mostly, however, is painting. In oils. Which is very different from everything you’ve seen me do thus far, at least on tumblr. After doing lots of reading and research, I was inspired to create a separate tumblr last year called Encyclopedia Artomatica, in which I post the most hi-res images of art works I can find and tag the crap out of them so that you can click on an artist’s name, time period, art period, etc and see all the artworks I posted in that category. 

I’ve been cagey about posting any images of my paintings until I have a small series of them completed. If I’m feeling confident maybe I’ll post some work-in-progress pics. Usually what happens with me is that when I start something new and unexplored, I can get discouraged very easily if I don’t get positive feedback about it. I’m feeling pretty good about painting thus far, and I want to keep doing it. Therefore, no posts. At least not yet.

For now, please enjoy these black and white faces. 

My newest ‘Said What?’. This is the first one I actually got to see in print, as I happened to be in Baltimore this weekend. Exciting!


Said What?: Dirty Money - overheard by Benn Ray and drawn by Alessa Kreger


Said What?: Grey Gardens - drawn by Alessa Kreger, overheard by Benn Ray

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Illustration :

Francisco Goya - Maja - 1800

Edouard Manet - Olympia - 1863

Cezanne - Leda et le cygne - 1882

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - La grande Odalisque - 1814

Rene Magritte - La baigneuse - 1925

Plus on étudie l’histoire de l’art, plus on se rend compte qu’une chose a toujours fasciné les artistes : le mystère de la beauté féminine. La femme est sans doute ce que la nature a pu produire de plus beau, de plus esthétique.

Le dilemme et la difficulté pour l’artiste est de pouvoir représenter cette grâce, ce charme presque indéfinissable. Nous nous trouvons dès lors à la frontière du sentiment et du réel, la notion de beauté variant d’un individu à l’autre. Pourtant, les grands artistes arrivent à reproduire cette part d’universalité, de cette beauté qui éclaire le cœur et laisse l’esprit totalement démuni face à cette contemplation qui ravage l’âme.

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Said What? overheard by Benn Ray and drawn by Alessa Kreger.

Hey, that’s me!

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I don’t know why I’ve been so enamored with nail painting lately… but this one reminds me of a cupcake with sprinkles  :P

Made with:

Wet ‘n’ Wild ‘Glistening Peony’

Wet ‘n’ Wild ‘Party of Five Glitters’

and NYC In a New York Minute clear topcoat

post it drawing - 5/6/13

A lil somethin I made for Atomic Books’ Mutant #4, their offering for Free Comic Book Day. nananananananana Batghoooost

using tampons to separate my toes for painting nails